Shredder Authority Blog Launch

March 10, 2019

Shredder Authority Blog Launch

Welcome to the first ever blog for The Shredder Authority. The Shredder Authority is a site only sells high quality long lasting heavy duty shredders for office use. My friend Dave and I saw the need for this site after seeing so many other sites offering cheap low quality paper shredders and posturing them for office use. As two industry veterans with a combined 60 years in the business we know which shredders are really meant for an office environment and which are not. This and all future blogs will be dedicated to educating buyers on commercial shredders and how to choose the right shredder for your office. 

As you read through the blogs and peruse the site please provide feedback. We have a lot experience with shredders but are still learning when it comes to creating a great online shopping experience. 

For this first blog I will just give you a few questions to ask yourself that will help guide you into choosing the right heavy duty shredder for your office. 

  1. How frequently will you use your paper shredder? How much volume? An easy way to do this is to think of how many boxes of paper you will put through the shredder. There are 5000 sheets of paper in a standard box of copy paper. That is 10 reams of 500 sheets in each ream.
  2. How many sheets of paper do you want to shred at a time? Of course everybody wants to shred as many as possible but be realistic. If you are only shredding a ream or so a week 10-25 sheet capacity is probably fine. If you have doing a case of paper per week you will probably want a sheet capacity of more then 50+. 
  3. What will you be shredding? CD's, DVD's, paper, magazines, bingers, staples, paper clips, cardboards, plastic, computer paper, envelopes, folders, accordion folders, x-rays, video cassettes, hard drives, compact disks, binder clips? Make a list and you will find filters on our site to select the shredders that will handle all of your items. 
  4. What security level do you need? In other words how tiny do you need to shred? See the paper particle shred chart below to help with this. 
  5. How much storage would you like for shredded material? This will determine the shredder bin size best for yours needs. Smaller bin sizes mean you will need to empty the bin more often. Larger bin sizes dont need to be emptied as frequently but keep in mind they are heavier so you may want a bin with wheels or a baler to compact the shreds. 

Further blogs will go into detail on selecting the best shredder for your office. In the mean time see the chart below which many people find helpful in document shredder selection. 


Please dont buy a cheap shredder it will only cause you headaches. Choose one of our heavy duty shredders built for office and commercial use and I promise your office staff will be much happier and more productive.  If I can be of assistance with choosing the correct shredder give me a call at 804-248-9131 

Look forward to talking soon,